Natural Health Products

  • Clearing the Air on e-Cigarettes

    May 2, 2013Gerry Harrington

    A recent article in the Globe and Mail asked whether electronic cigarettes could save lives in battle against tobacco smoke.  On the face of it, the issue of  e-cigarette availability in Canada is peppered with tough questions.  Are e-cigarettes another smoking cessation tool or are they just... Read More
  • Natural Health Product(NHP) Quality...

    Apr 9, 2013Gerry Harrington

    Last week I responded to the first part of a two-part question about Raspberry Ketones from a member of our Facebook community.  The first issue was our take on how consumer's could judge the effectiveness of these products, which I addressed by noting that no product had yet been approved by... Read More
  • Raspberry Ketones and Quality Regulation:...

    Mar 29, 2013Gerry Harrington

    A recent post to CHP Canada’s Facebook page asked for our take on raspberry ketones and whether the quality of such products is regulated in Canada.The question reflects one of the many issues we hope to explore with Canadians in this blog.In a nutshell, we are hoping to start a conversation about... Read More