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  • 2013 Fall Conference - Speaker Spotlight

    Jul 18, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Each week leading up to CHP Canada's 2013 Fall Conference The Health-Driven Consumer, we will be spotlighting one of the conference speakers to provide members with information about the speaker and what they will be presenting at the September 26-27 Conference at the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel... Read More
  • 28 Odd Facts About the Human Body

    Jul 12, 2013Sherri Sheney

    The human body - it's a strange and wonderful thing and is capable of so much. For example, did you know the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades? And yet, somehow corn seems to make its way through - go figure! Of course, with medical technology improving everyday,... Read More
  • 12 Secrets to a Deeper Sleep

    Jul 10, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Sleep – we all need it, we all enjoy it, and whether you need 10 hours a night or six hours, we all need a good sleep to stay healthy. If you spend your nights tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling because you can’t relax, or have a partner who keeps you awake, try these 12 sleep secrets to... Read More
  • Men's Health Facts

    Jul 5, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Let's face it, men have it pretty easy in certain aspects - they can get ready to go out in about 15 minutes, they can go without shaving and look sexy, and they don't have to go through nine months of pregnancy and childbirth! That being said, men are developing preventable health problems that... Read More
  • Is your job making you unhealthy?

    Jul 3, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Is your desk job putting a few extra pounds on you? Well, you are not alone - according to a CareerBuilder survey released this year, 44 percent of workers say they have gained weight at their current job and more than one-quarter of workers gained over 10 pounds. Those office birthday cakes,... Read More
  • Five Signs of Stress (and ways to reduce it)

    Jun 27, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Stress - we have all experienced it at one time or another and recognize the typical signs that go along with it, like sleepless nights, panic attacks, crankiness and overeating! But there are some other not-so-obvious stress indicators that you should be aware of:Itchy SkinDuring stressful... Read More
  • Signs of Dehydration

    Jun 26, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Our bodies consist of about 70% water and require plenty of fluids throughout the day to remain hydrated and functioning properly. With the hot and humid summer weather just around the corner, it is even more important to drink plenty of water and should you notice any of the following symptoms,... Read More
  • Water - It's More than Just Refreshing!

    Jun 21, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Nothing quenches your thirst better than a nice cold glass of water, but did you know water plays a very important role in how your body functions on a daily basis? Some of those functions are:carries nutrients and oxygen to cellsprotects and cushions vital organshelps the body absorb... Read More
  • 7 Reasons to Have More Sex

    Jun 20, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Marvin Gaye knew what he was saying when singing about 'Sexual Healing' - it really is good for you and in case you needed an excuse to have more sex, here are seven healthy reasons to say "Let's Get It On':Reduce StressYour blood pressure will react less to stressful activities (like public... Read More
  • The Health Benefits of Strawberries

    Jun 17, 2013Sherri Sheney

    There's nothing better than fresh-picked strawberries and in anticipation of the upcoming strawberry season, following are some of the health benefits you will receive, which can only make them taste even better!Cancer FightingStrawberries contain Vitamin C, Folate, Anthocyanin, Quercetin and... Read More
  • Walking Your Way to Better Health

    Jun 12, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Walking is great exercise at any pace, but did you know there are other benefits to walking other than the fact that it's simple and free? Now that the nicer weather is here, there's no better time to start a new routine and walk your way to better health:Walking promotes good healthWalking is the... Read More
  • Clearing the Air on e-Cigarettes

    May 2, 2013Gerry Harrington

    A recent article in the Globe and Mail asked whether electronic cigarettes could save lives in battle against tobacco smoke.  On the face of it, the issue of  e-cigarette availability in Canada is peppered with tough questions.  Are e-cigarettes another smoking cessation tool or are they just... Read More
  • Still time to register for the Health & Beauty Golf Tournament

    Apr 30, 2013Sherri Sheney

    The early bird rate may have passed, but there is still time to register and enjoy a day of fun golf, good food and great company. You could also walk away with cash with the $20,000 Hole-in-One contest sponsored by McCarthy Consultant Services Inc!Register yourself, or a team, and join us on... Read More
  • Register now for the Health & Beauty Golf Tournament

    Apr 22, 2013Sherri Sheney

    Have you registered yet? This is a great opportunity to golf, mingle and network with fellow members, as well as members of CCTFA and Advertising Standards Canada. You could also walk away with $20,000! There will be a $20,000 Hole-in-One contest sponsored by McCarthy Consultant Services Inc. - a... Read More
  • Natural Health Product(NHP) Quality Regulation in Canada

    Apr 9, 2013Gerry Harrington

    Last week I responded to the first part of a two-part question about Raspberry Ketones from a member of our Facebook community.  The first issue was our take on how consumer's could judge the effectiveness of these products, which I addressed by noting that no product had yet been approved by... Read More
  • Register today for the Health & Beauty Golf Tournament

    Apr 2, 2013Sherri Sheney

    It's beginning to look alot like Spring, so what better time to start thinking golf!CHP Canada, CCTFA and Advertising Standards Canada are delighted to bring you an exciting day of golf and networking at the Caledon Country Club in Caledon, ON.Register before April 30th to take advantage of the... Read More
  • Raspberry Ketones and Quality Regulation: Self-Care's Role

    Mar 29, 2013Gerry Harrington

    A recent post to CHP Canada’s Facebook page asked for our take on raspberry ketones and whether the quality of such products is regulated in Canada.The question reflects one of the many issues we hope to explore with Canadians in this blog.In a nutshell, we are hoping to start a conversation about... Read More