Events & Education


Events Program

CHP Canada members look to the Association to provide them with the tools and the networking opportunities they need to interact with other members or suppliers for the purposes of making new business relationships and reinforcing existing relationships.  CHP Canada holds a variety of open events to accomplish these goals and provide member value.

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Education Program

One of the roles of Consumer Health Products Canada is to provide educational opportunities for its members, and to outside persons who wish to learn more about CHP Canada and the industry we represent. CHP Canada identifies the issues that impact the consumer health products industry, determines the best way to help the members to understand the impact of the issues on their business, and gives them the tools they need to take action on the issues in the most advantageous manner.  CHP Canada offers a variety of webinars, seminars, and courses each year.  On an ongoing basis however, we offer 6 educational online modules called 'The Essentials of Consumer Health Products', which help to arm course participants with the information they need about the regulatory and marketing landscape in Canada to succeed.

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